cutting collards in a chiffonade

How to Chiffonade

A chiffonade looks impressive, but once you know this basic knife skill it only takes a minute to transform greens and herbs into uniformly sized ribbons. In addition to plating beautifully, there are several reasons you may want to use a chiffonade.

When to use a Chiffonade

On hearty greens like collards, chard and flat-leaf kale, a chiffonade will reduce large leaves to a bite-sized form and ensure that your dish cooks evenly.

Use a chiffonade on leafy herbs like basil and sage when tossing into a dish or sprinkling as a garnish. Compared to chopping, the elongated form looks elegant and clearly punctuates recipes with fresh herb flavors.

Removing Stems

Skip this step when preparing herbs

  1. Stack several leaves with the stems aligned
  2. Use a sharp knife to slice down the middle of the leaves, once on each side of the stems, so that stems are separated and leaves are cut in half
removing collard stems
removing collard stems

The Chiffonade

  1. Stack several leaves and align the edges
  2. Start at the top of the leaves and tightly roll them along the vertical axis
  3. Slice through the roll every quarter or half inch for hearty greens, and every eighth inch for herbs

Ready to test your new skills? Try a recipe that uses a chiffonade.

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