Our Methods

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removing tomato plants in preparation for Fall crops

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Perryhill Produce is Certified Naturally Grown. You can learn more about CNG in this blog post and at naturallygrown.org.

Soil Management

Our methods focus on building excellent soil. Since 2012, we’ve followed a field improvement program designed by soil expert Mark Schonbeck. His recommendations have resulted in remarkable improvement to the quality of our produce and the state of our fields.

Weed and Pest Control

Instead of chemicals to control weeds, we plant tight rows and use timely weeding methods. Instead of using pesticides, we focus on pest prevention with healthy soil, crop rotation, row cover and parasitic nematodes when necessary.

Environmental Responsibility

We are continually learning and refining our methods. Our goal is to improve the land we use each season to sustain a healthy balance of nutrients and microorganisms that will grow delicious and nutritious plants.

The Details

Here’s a comprehensive list of what we add to the soil and our crops:

Soil Builders
Pfeiffer Biodynamic Field Spray
Mushroom Compost
Cover Crops (winter rye, hairy vetch, crimson and white clover)

Feather Meal
Chicken Litter
Harmony Organic Fertilizer

Potassium sulfate

Seedling Starter Mix
Rock phosphate
Blood meal
Peat moss

Pest Control
Beneficial Nematodes
Floating Row Cover

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