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Sautéed Collards and Garlic

Our recipe updates the classic Southern side dish to emphasize the natural flavor of fresh, local produce. Collards are cooked until color is at its peak and greens retain some firmness. Minced garlic and red pepper flakes give a little kick, and an optional squeeze of lemon juice brightens flavors. Try serving sautéed collards with poultry or fish.


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Interview with Relay Foods

Jillian and I have always worked with our hands. It might sound strange, but the biggest difference between farming and the art world is the natural surroundings. That connection to the elements was missing for us during our time at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, but really the leap from museum to field started with our love of great food. We like to cook simply with the best ingredients we can get our hands on, so we started growing vegetables on family land in Buckingham. The idea for Perryhill Produce hit me while sowing tomato seed.

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